rain in the forest, visualization journey, a guided meditation
04 July

Rain in the Forest – Guided imagery meditation

Rain in the forest; during this guided visualization / meditation, you can slow down and enjoy the peace of nature’s beautiful sounds. This guided meditation is meant to help you relax and feel in touch with nature. Can be used to fall asleep, or just as relaxing break.

stress relief, a guided meditation.
06 June

Stress Relief – A guided meditation

This guided meditation for stress relief and relaxation helps you to let go of stress and relax.

With soothing nature sounds (forest with birds) and female voice.

Duration is short: about 10 minutes.
This guided meditation is suitable for beginners as well.

embrace your awkwardness
11 April

Embrace your Awkwardness

Feeling awkward is the discomfort of getting comfortable with something new. You know you want something, yet you have to go through the awkwardness to get it.