What can you expect?

I’m here to coach you if you wish. I would love helping you in the areas of:

  • Happiness: finding joy and peace in life by
    • designing your life in a way that’s amazing and uniquely you
    • developing lighter perspectives, so that your mindset guarantees your happiness instead of being dependent on circumstances
    • creating a nourishing lifestyle with habits that are helpful for you
  • Love: creating fulfilling relationships
  • Passion/Mission: finding inspiration, motivation, persistence, and courage for your work/projects/dream

We will work with your specific challenges, obstacles, dreams, and desires.


Who am I to coach you?

I do hope you have already seen some of my work (free content here on the website – Youtube channelvideo courses) so that you have some feeling of whether you’ll like to work with me. If not, it would be a great idea to have a little look to get an impression of me as a person.

Arial Coach personal development spiritual growth love happiness coaching sessions lifestyle design
Photo by Bartjan de Bruijn

That having said, the background I draw from when coaching is this:

  • I am currently a Master’s student in Care Ethics and Policy (Care Ethics tries to answer the question what good care is in particular situations in life, based on theoretical as well as empirical research). I chose to study this to be more able to be of good service to others.
  • I finished a Bachelor in Humanistics at the University for Humanistics in the Netherlands. The main focus of this study is Meaningful and Humane Living. I learned a lot in the fields of psychology, philosophy, anthropology, sociology and religion. One of the more specific and practical skills I learned there was to guide people through reflection processes on existential life questions. I’m “officially equipped” to be a humanistic counselor.
  • From 2012 to 2016 I started a company called Commit Happiness for which I have made many articles on personal development, many widely appreciated guided meditations, and workshops.
  • Since 2012 I have explored spirituality through meditation, Yoga, Buddhism, psychedelics, visiting spiritual gatherings and retreats, and following certain contemporary spiritual teachers.

It’s been a beautiful journey of discovery, personal development, spiritual growth, and an increase in my own well-being. I draw from my discoveries and life lessons when I coach you with your own unique path.


“Can I first just try it out for free?”

Yes. I offer a first 30-minutes free consult. You can regard this as a Discovery Call, in which we learn whether I can give you in possible future sessions what you’re looking for, and in which I will also already give you as much valuable coaching as possible.



ca. 30 Minutes Discovery Call – Free

ca. 60 minutes Coaching Session – €70,- (excl. VAT rate of your country)

Can’t afford the one-on-one sessions with me, but still want me to shine my light on an issue in your life? Submit your question on the Ask Arial page for free, and I might make a post on the topic. You are welcome the way you are.


Arrange a coaching session

I coach preferably on Tuesday afternoons and Friday afternoons (my time zone here in the Netherlands is +1:00 during Winter Time and +2:00 during Summer Time). If you can’t manage to fit yourself in those time frames, feel free to request a different moment that suits you better.

For booking a session please contact me through e-mail: arial@inevitablebliss.com

I use Skype for the sessions. This is usually a video call, but can be a call only, if you don’t prefer video, or if the internet appears to be slow. Sessions can also be offline, if you happen to live in the same part of the world as I do. 🙂

Sessions can be in English or in Dutch.


Hope to see you soon! <3