Coming Home - Opening Ceremony
with Arial

The Secrets to Lasting Health and Happiness
with Gonzalo Corts

Courageous, Wholehearted Living:
An Inspiration Boost to Start Living Your Soul Purpose (Even if you don't know what it is)
with Luz

Make your Dreams come True
with Mahatma

Shamanic Dearmoring
with Åsa Kullberg

You Are the One You've Been Waiting For
with Danielle Morrow

How to Permanently Reprogram your Subconscious Mind
with Kamil

Be #SoulSmart: Remember your true power and start changing your life - and the world
with Joanna Hennon

The Glory of the Lotus
with Pema Gitama

Staying True to Yourself in a Relationship
with Wilrieke Sophia

Connecting with Your Intuition 
with Irene Langeveld

Discovering The Treasure Of YOU!
with Owlvine

Bold & Authentic Living
with Arial

Soothing Sunday
with Arial, Elie, NikkiGaia & Victor van Rijn, and Aprille Walker

Silent Meditation
with Arial

Open Lotus - Integration Music
with Elie

Embracing Inner Power 
with NikkiGaia and Victor van Rijn

Coming Home: Yin Yoga for Compassion, Self-Love & Self-Care
with Aprille Walker

How To Fall In Love With Yourself
with Naomi Felesita

How to Fully Embody your Soul's Essence
with Karina Ladet

Beauty Inside Out
with Bahar Farshchi and Floris Koot

The Transformational Power of Pain
with Henri Nawrocki

Laughing gives your Inner Power
with Maarten Vos

Home in Myself with channeler Karen Neumann & Theos
with Karen Neumann

The 7 Chakras and the 7 Dharmas -
How to Identify Your Purposes in Life
with Giridhari Das

How Psilocybin Helped Me Love My Most Unlovable Parts
with James W. Jesso

Meditation for Happiness, Stress Relief, and More
with Rasa Lukosiute

You as the Center of your Love Life
with Agnes Krown

Journaling your Way into your Heart
with Arial

Staying at Home - Closing Ceremony
with Arial

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From: Gonzalo Corts

A coupon code for free access to Gonzalo Corts's 

Self Love Deep Dive Program

  • Show yourself the kind of love that you have wanted from others
  • Talk to yourself the same way that you talk to the people you love the most
  • Love yourself first, so that you can offer more to the people you love
  • TOOLS and many other ideas that will completely shift the way you approach your self-love journey.
Self Love Deep Dive Program from Gonzalo Corts for the Home in Myself Summit 2018 on InevitableBliss
Mahatma - Home in Myself Summit 2018.png


From: Mahatma

As a bonus for the Home in Myself Summit, you receive the Self-help e-book:

25 Tips for Happiness

It is easy and fun to read and if you apply the tips, it will change your life.
In the Netherlands it had more then 10.000 downloads.

e-book 25 tips for happiness by Mahatma for the all-access pass of the Home in Myself Summit 2018
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From: Arial

As a special addition to the all-access pass Arial recorded three guided meditations that will help you to feel more at home in yourself.

3 Coming Home Meditations

Letting Yourself Be

Arriving in your Heart


meditating wide picture of Arial


From: Elie

Elie is adding the last track from his beautiful album Ecstatic Union, The Path of the Beloved.  

Ecstatic Union

Ecstatic Union invites you to dive into to the quintessence of the path of the Beloved. Whether it is symbolized by your love towards another being, or by embracing the totality of who you are, or by remembering your divine connection with everything there is, it is always in an ecstatic state that the most profound unions are felt.



From: Irene Langeveld

This meditation helps you connect with your intuition when you have an important decision or change in your life coming up.

Crossroad Meditation

In this 30-minute meditation you:

  • Tune into which options you have
  • How each of these options feel
  • Receive information from your intuition that is important for you to know about your current situation.
crossroad meditation from Irene Langeveld for the Home in Myself Summit 2018

So you can make an informed decision, using your mind AND your heart, your thinking mind AND your intuition.

You can use this meditation again and again to tune into your intuition about choices you have to make. It's useful for small dilemmas but especially when you are facing big life changes and important decisions.

The best decisions are made when you involve your intuition! This meditation will help you do that.



From: Danielle Morrow

Catalyst for Living a Life You Love

Live the Love Code Manifesto

live the love code manifesto by danielle morrow for the home in myself summit 2018.jpg
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