The Home in Myself Summit - Free webinars from 20+ experts to help you feel more at home in yourself.

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The Home in Myself Summit - Free webinars from 20+ experts to help you feel more at home in yourself.


  • July 1
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It is my mission to bring more bliss into your life. If you want to. If you like to hear what I have to say on subjects like happiness, love, spirituality, mindset, wisdom, relationships, creativity, surrender... I find life on Earth truly miraculous. In what kind of reality do we find ourselves? How much of it is ours to create? Can we build a life of overwhelming amounts of happiness and love? I teach a philosophy of new ideas that will bring you joy and relaxation, acceptance and empowered creative living. Life can be awesome and exciting, I wish this for your life. It's a joy to have you here on my website!

  • July 2
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The Secrets to Lasting Health and Happiness
with Gonzalo Corts

We all have goals. We all have an idea of what kinds of steps we can do to get to our goals. The question that fascinates me is "why don't we do what we say we will do?" I want to help you see this at a deeper level and show you ways in which you can use a different approach in a compassionate way to overcome self-sabotage and stick to your nutrition, fitness and lifestyle plans.

JUly 2 at 12pm (UTC)

  • July 2
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Luz - Home in Myself Summit 2018.png

Courageous, Wholehearted Living:
An Inspiration Boost to Start Living Your Soul Purpose (Even if you don't know what it is)
with Luz

Have you ever had a desire or a dream that just felt RIGHT? I believe that our dreams - big or small - are here to guide us. They are the signs that help us live the life we're meant to live.

Because you came here with a reason. 

Living your life is a unique gift that only you can bring to this world, and to yourself.

No matter how old you are, you have the ability to start living a life that is true to your soul AND the most fulfilling for your wonderful ego.

But it's big and scary. It will ask you to leave your comfort zone at times. It might even ask you to leave your safe (but slightly restricting) familiar world behind and grow into your True Self.

That’s why, during this workshop, I'll give you the inspiration and courage you need to take those scary steps into the unknown. I’ll take you past my own fears, dreams and utter unknowing, to show you how I started living my soul purpose without even knowing what it was.

We can do this! :)

JUly 2 at 6PM (UTC)

  • July 3
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Mahatma - Home in Myself Summit 2018.png

Make your Dreams come True
with Mahatma

Look at your life and see if you are happy with it.
In case you are… Great!
If not? There is good news for you. You can now start to attract a better life.

My name is Mahatma and I am Dutch/American. For almost 20 years I have been exploring what works and what does not work in the field of manifestation. My latest book, 'Awakening in the Now', is published in the Netherlands.

I applied what I had learned myself in my life and therefore I went from a life of shortage to a life of abundance. So I know how it works.

So what will you learn during this masterclass?

  • You are going to find out where you block yourself to manifest your dreams.
  • You are going to receive tools which you can directly apply to your life.
  • It is going to give you freedom although funny enough, it might be feeling a bit new and uncomfortable.
  • You are going to receive possibilities to have a different look at your life.
  • I am going to show you why you have the life you have right now and how you can you change that.

JUly 3 at 12PM (UTC)

  • July 3
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Åsa Kullberg - Home in Myself Summit 2018.png

Åsa Kullberg

Åsa has been an apprentice to the Sweet Medicine Sundance Path and under the guidance of the Elder Thunder Strikes in spiritual sexuality for 28 years. She founded the Rainbow Dragon Lodge, a school for "The Blessed Beauty Way" and brought the Shamanic Body Dearmoring to Sweden in 1996. She is a Quodoushka and Yoga teacher and practitioner of Kashmiri Shaivism.

She is a Lover of Life and Truth.

  • July 4
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You Are the One You've Been Waiting For
with Danielle Morrow

Learning to love yourself is a breakthrough that can lead to feeling alive, joyful, and free in every area of your life. What happens when you choose your thoughts so they support you rather than run you into the ground? What happens when you start owning your value? What happens when you trust what's truly right for YOU? What happens when you treat yourself with the same love, compassion, and kindness that you treat a loved one with? What happens when you love those parts and aspects of yourself that you have been ignoring or feeling ashamed about?

You begin healing and walking through life with a sense of fulfillment, accepting who you are so that you can be fully expressed, while living an authentic life you love! You honor your body, needs, and desires first and without fail you are always there for yourself in all situations. You begin to see that love surrounds you. You develop the capacity to receive love by first receiving love from yourself and you develop the capacity to give love to others by giving love to yourself.

JUly 4 at 12PM (UTC)

  • July 4
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How to Permanently Reprogram your Subconscious Mind
with Kamil

Most people want to make some big changes in their lives including goals like finding their
passion, becoming healthier, earning more money or having a more fulfilling career. And often
they have some success with that, but the success is either elusive or very short lived. This is
because to achieve different results, you need different behaviour, and to change behaviour
permanently, you need to know how to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Lots of people talk about the subconscious mind, but not many actually know how to reprogram
it, and even fewer teach how to do it. I have learnt from Bob Proctor a way that has been tested
for over 50 years and that has created breakthrough results for all those who applied it without

I will show you a simple technique that will allow you to create permanent results on your own
within 2-4 weeks. You will be able to start achieving things that seemed very difficult before –
now they will be easy and automatic. They will become a part of you and you’ll start to dream

JUly 4 at 6PM (UTC)

  • July 5
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Be #SoulSmart: Remember your true power and start changing your life - and the world
with Joanna Hennon

You are so much more powerful than you let yourself acknowledge. Once you accept this and learn to trust yourself, you’ll be able to create anything you wish to experience. A world of infinite possibilities!

During this presentation, you will learn about the power you hold within you, what it is and what you can do with it. You will learn how to see where your soul is guiding you, and how to recognize the messages it sends you along the way. In short, you will understand how to become the person you always knew you could be, with ease and joy.

JUly 5 at 12PM (UTC)

  • July 5
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The Glory of the Lotus
with Pema Gitama

Our senses are the doors from where existence reaches us. It is from our senses that we receive everything the universe can offer us. It is from there we meet with existence and yet we are not fulfilled. Did you ever ask yourself why? I have at least one answer: we are disconnected thus no more in direct contact with existence which is one of our biggest frustrations.

In this webinar, I like to share a method; The Glory of the Lotus, which reconnects, realigns us to the capacity of the heart to be in tune with all the frequencies, vibrations that surround us. In this way, we plug back to our long forgotten language with existence where inner and outer are in deep intimate communion.

JUly 5 at 6PM (UTC)

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  • July 6
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Staying True to Yourself in a Relationship
with Wilrieke Sophia

Have you been in a situation where you entered a new relationship, and maybe from the beginning, maybe over time, realized you are compromising yourself more than feels good? Human beings desire to feel loved and safe. Through events happening in our lives, we learn to edit ourselves in ways that increase chances of being loved. But this editing creates compromises, where we aren't aligned with our own desires, boundaries, and values anymore.

How can we stay out of the pitfalls of codependency, insecure attachment styles, mindf#cks and other saboteurs in our minds - and how can we turn them into our allies?

JUly 6 at 12PM (UTC)

  • July 6
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Irene Langeveld

I help highly sensitive people and empaths go from 'surviving with sensitivity' to 'thriving with sensitivity'. I believe that your sensitivity is an enormous gift and talent that comes with challenges (like overwhelm, tiredness, risk for burnout).

Once you learn to deal with the challenges, the gifts of your sensitivity can come forward. Gifts like intuition, creativity, compassion, the ability to feel your way through life in a way that is uniquely and beautifully yours. That's what I help people do through my online courses Thriving with Sensitivity and Open your Intuition.

To get started, listen to my free meditations here!

  • July 7
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Discovering The Treasure Of YOU!
with Owlvine

We all know amazing people, those incredible individuals who seem to ooze magnificence from every pore. They may be friends, loved ones, or people we don’t actually know on a personal level.

They seem to be so comfortable in their skin and are doing remarkable things in their lives – perhaps on a small scale, perhaps a grand one. Either way, they awaken a hunger in us to be and do greater for ourselves.

It’s not necessarily what they do that triggers a yearning in us, rather it’s their undeniable presence. We all have the ability to tap into this magical thing.

It’s no great secret, really. It’s an innate capacity we all have.

In this talk we’re going to explore how we can tap into our own authenticity and general awesomeness, to discover the unique, glorious treasure we have buried within us!

JUly 7 at 12PM (UTC)

  • July 7
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Bold & Authentic Living
with Arial

Would you like to dare to be you all the time? Even when you want to wear those "weird" clothes? Even when your honest answer on the question "How are you?" won't be appreciated by others?

Being you - despite all the triggers you might cause in ourselves and others because of that - is an art.

And it's a liberation!

Discover your nature and grow into the beautiful and unique flower you're supposed to be.

And you will notice that your authentic self is a gift to the world!

JUly 7 at 6PM (UTC)

  • July 8
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It is my mission to bring more bliss into your life. If you want to. If you like to hear what I have to say on subjects like happiness, love, spirituality, mindset, wisdom, relationships, creativity, surrender... I find life on Earth truly miraculous. In what kind of reality do we find ourselves? How much of it is ours to create? Can we build a life of overwhelming amounts of happiness and love? I teach a philosophy of new ideas that will bring you joy and relaxation, acceptance and empowered creative living. Life can be awesome and exciting, I wish this for your life. It's a joy to have your here on my website!



Elie has gathered his sensitivity into creating a new type of music blended with love, colors, silence, sensual rhythms and magical sounds from another dimension. When not in his studio for recordings, he plays live in spiritual festivals or Sound Transmission events, creating soundscapes by recording layers of melodies and rhythms with his loop-station, allowing a full range of frequencies to re-align body and mind and nourishing heart and soul.

NikkiGaia and Victor at the Home in Myself Summit 2018.png

Nikki Gaia Bosch & 

Victor van Rijn

We believe that everybody has the inherent ability to create an inspired life. In our workshops and coaching we invite people to embrace their inner power and follow their heart. And we offer guided meditations and visualizations that support this conscious focus of personal development.

Victor & Nikki


Victor van Rijn

I am an intuitive, free spirit and I enjoy creativity and unconditional open contact. My passion for spirituality has led me to develop as a lightworker by following the path of the Awakening Your Light Body meditation courses by Orin and DaBen. I love to inspire people to embrace their true creative freedom. In my meditations you are invited to align with the center of your being and to allow innerBliss, the essence of your divine nature, to guide you by following your heart.

NikkiGaia at the Home in Myself Summit 2018.png

Nikki Gaia Bosch

Nikki Gaia focuses on personal growth and embracing inner strength. She has studied Applied Psychology, followed by a year long Coaching course, and has developed herself spiritually with Channeling and the Awakening your Light Body Meditation courses. Her unique coaching style integrates all of these perspectives. And she has created visualizations and Open Questions to help you discover your intuition by getting to know your inner self. She invites you to embrace a broader perspective on your life and to open up to the unconditional love of your being. In her spare time she enjoys photography and with her inspirational quote: 'Life is live!', she reminds you to return your attention to the now because that is when the magic happens. 

Aprille Walker Yoga Ranger - Home in Myself Summit 2018.png

Aprille Walker

I began yoga over 11 years ago and found connection, community, support and a sense of inner peace I never thought possible. For me, yoga is nourishing, healing, connecting and that is what I strive to create in my practices.

I have been teaching yoga for 6 years, and teach at my local studio, online member site  and YouTube channel.

My goal is to create and offer soothing, peaceful, and nourishing practices accessible anytime, anywhere and for everyone. Please join me!

  • July 9
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Naomi Felesita for the Home in Myself Summit

How To Fall In Love With Yourself
with Naomi Felesita

When we fall in love we usually think it is the other person who makes us feel this
happy. But what if the other is just a reflection of our own beauty? A gentle mirror. A sweet
reminder. What if we don't NEED eachother but instead choose to BE with eachother in total
LOVE and FREEDOM. What if there is no The One? What if you yourself are The One?

In my special Love Webinar I will teach you the following things:

  • How to put yourself first when it comes to love especially when you are in a relationship;
  • How to solve miscommunication when you’re sex drive is higher or lower than your
  • How the fear of rejection stops you from truly loving your partner and how you can learn
    how to cope with that;
  • How cheating is more common than we think and what we can learn from open

And many many more. I would love to see you on the 9th of July. Let’s chat and talk about one of
the most beautiful but also one of the most challenging things in life. Let’s talk about Love.



JUly 9 at 12PM (UTC)

  • July 9
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How to Fully Embody your Soul's Essence
with Karina Ladet

Do you struggle to be fully present in your body? Do you spend more time in other dimensions and feel disconnected from the Earth? During many years I felt this way too.

Through powerful energy work and by learning to love and accept my body and "humanness" I now embody a deeper wholeness and presence.

In this webinar I will share my favorite practices to help you come home to yourself. When you are fully embodying your unique essence you can share your beautiful gifts with the world and shine your radiant light.

JUly 9 at 6PM (UTC)

  • July 10
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 Bahar Farshchi Jamshidabady - Home in Myself Summit 2018.

Bahar Farshchi Jamshidabady

Bahar Farshchi (34) is a therapist, teacher and dancer. She taught at Hogeschool Leiden, works as therapist with Focus training and artistic expression. She has 18 years of dance experience (5 rhythms, authentic movement, contact impro, movement medicine and ecstatic dance).

Her mission is to help people get in touch with their self healing capacity and their creative force of life. She's sharp, soft and very compassionate in her work. She hugely values the inner wisdom of the body and knows many ways to help you get in touch with it.

Floris Koot - Home in Myself Summit 2018.png

Floris Koot

Floris Koot (1958, the Netherlands) studied Teacher of Dramatic Arts and Integral Psychology.

During his journey he worked in many creative professions, from actor to DJ, from illustrator to event design. His creativity and discoveries made him a new method developer who works in business, educational and spiritual settings. He is among others co-founder of Knowmads Business school Amsterdam and was involved in several other education startups.

Floris is a great workshop and process facilitator.
He focusses on aliveness in participants, helps them find their own answers amidst universal insights and see new possibilities. One of his business workshops is called “How to make money with your weaknesses?” in which self acceptance is a corner stone.

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  • July 10
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Henri Nawrocki - Home in Myself Summit 2018.png

The Transformational Power of Pain
with Henri Nawrocki

In this new spiritual paradigm, one of the most important elements we’ve come here to transform is our relationship to pain. Instead of assessing our spiritual growth by how little or much pain we face, we’re better off seeing pain as our ally that guides us towards our souls highest potential.

In this webinar, I intend to explore the nature of pain from the most heart-centered perspective, help you loosen the grip of self- destructive tendencies and feel more ease in the presence of pain than ever before.

I’m joyful and excited to go on this healing journey with you and explore pain from the most loving and empowered perspective.

This transmission will be most powerful for you if you receive the energy without needing to figure out or analyze what’s being said and gently invite your heart to be more open than ever before.

JUly 10 at 6PM (UTC)

  • July 11
  • More info

Laughing gives your Inner Power
with Maarten Vos

In this webinar we’re going to laugh a lot. And you will experience how that works for you.

I will tell you why I’m a laughter coach and how that gives me positive energy. I will explain laughter yoga: Laughing without a reason. During the webinar, we’ll do laughter yoga exercises and breathing exercises so that you can experience this for yourself.

Laughing without a reason is different from what people are used to. Most people think we laugh when we are happy but there are many more reasons why we can laugh! We say: WE DO NOT LAUGH BECAUSE WE ARE HAPPY, WE ARE HAPPY BECAUSE WE LAUGH. When you laugh, you make endorphins which give you a good energy.

We’ll talk about why laughter is healthy mentally, physically and socially. And I will give you tips on how you can laugh more in your life so that you can find that inner power that laughter gives you!

JUly 11 at 12PM (UTC)

  • July 11
  • More info
Karen Neumann at the Home in Myself Summit

Home in Myself with channeler Karen Neumann & Theos
with Karen Neumann

This year in 2018 we are seeing major shifts in the energy and so many conscious beings waking up and willing to embrace their True Divine Nature. Karen Neumann and Theos will discuss the tools you need to live a life of integrity and being truly at Home in Myself.

JUly 11 at 6PM (UTC)

  • July 12
  • More info

The 7 Chakras and the 7 Dharmas -
How to Identify Your Purposes in Life
with Giridhari Das

What’s you purpose in life? What are you supposed to do? In this lecture, Brazilian yoga guru Giridhari Das presents a completely new approach to this topic. He shows how you have multiple dharmas–multiple purposes–and how to identity each one inspired by each of the 7 chakras. He then explains the mentality with which you should seek to live them to maximize your true potential, allowing you to be you. It’s only when you’re living your true essence that you can find your balance.

He shares his vision that throughout the day you should be living one or more of your dharmas. With that as your focus, you experience a sense of accomplishment, peace and fulfilment.

JUly 12 at 12PM (UTC)

  • July 12
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James W Jesso -- Home in Myself Summit 2018.png

James W. Jesso

James W. Jesso is a public speaker and author with a deep respect for psychedelic medicines.

He has authored numerous articles, essays, and videos, done radio, podcast, and print interviews, and toured the world giving lectures and facilitating public discussions on a variety of subjects. He is also the host of the Adventures Through The Mind podcast, interviewing people on the cutting edge of the psychedelic renaissance.

He has independently published three books, Decomposing The Shadow: Lessons From The Psilocybin Mushroom(2013), Soundscapes & Psychedelics (2014) and The True Light Of Darkness (2015).

  • July 13
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Rasa is a qualified life coach and a yoga teacher. She mostly focuses on and enjoys creative writing, practicing mind awareness and is an avid yoga student. Other things that peak Rasa’s interest are: human and animal psychology, learning about the works and functionality of the mind, body and soul, psychic development and energy work. Meditations, yoga and energy work came into Rasa’s life in the time of urgent need to help manage stress and alleviate depression she was experiencing. Her now popular YouTube meditations range from stress relief, spirit connection, healing, law of attraction and many more.

  • July 13
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Agnes Krown - Home in Myself Summit 2018

You as the Center of your Love Life
with Agnes Krown

It’s a common proclamation, our partner being our “everything” (or us being theirs.) The
internet is full of quotes like "You’re everything to me". But we are not aware, this mentality might
lead to very damaging codependent patterns: feeling hopeless, obsessed, putting pressure
on your partner, game of expectations and disappointment, endless hunt for satisfaction,
losing touch with who you are, falling apart if you break up. It’s not romantic, it’s not cute,
and it’s definitely not love.

Instead, I will guide you to realize why YOU need to be the center of your love life.
Using simple techniques and rituals to apply to your daily life, you will be able to grow out
of co-dependent patterns, and make you & your relationships blossom.

JUly 13 at 6PM (UTC)

  • July 14
  • More info

Journaling your Way into your Heart
with Arial

Journaling is a powerful tool you can easily use to come home in yourself. In this webinar I'll guide you through some fun and deepening journaling exercises. 

  • Reach your deeper feelings
  • Discover all that's inside of you
  • Connect with your creativity

This webinar is for you if you have never journaled before, as well as if you journal every day.

Are you ready to give space to yourself on paper? Come meet yourself. Don't forget to bring a journal, or just a few sheets of paper and a pen.

JUly 14 at 12PM (UTC)

  • July 14
  • More info

Staying at Home - Closing Ceremony
with Arial

During this closing ceremony:
- Arial will share with you her own insights from this summit.

- She'll guide you through a process of finding and anchoring your own biggest insights. And how to implement those in your life so that they can make a real and lasting change.

- There will be a beautiful guided meditation again. This time not about coming home, but about staying at home.

- Arial will tell you all about what the All-Access Pass has to offer for you if you're still wanting to learn more with us.

JUly 14 at 6PM (UTC)

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