The concept of "Inevitable Bliss"


An acorn grows into an oak tree. A caterpillar transforms into a butterfly. We are nature too. What are we meant to become?

From your birth till the day of today, you learned a lot. And not just walking and eating, but you also developed a unique personality, with unique qualities, preferences, dreams, and ways of living. Every day your consciousness evolves. Like that caterpillar emerging into 'butterflyhood'. What is our butterfly hood?

Scientific research shows that people feel happier the older they get. Is it because they learn life's lessons? Lessons like how to love more, how to be in acceptance of reality, and how to make our dreams come true.

If I take a look at my own life, I can say that this is certainly the case. I do learn how to design my life, mindset, and heartset in better and better ways. And I'm sure you do too! As we are all intelligent beings.

As time passes by, we develop and we grow into more and more bliss.

Yes, we can speed up this process with conscious focus. And no, we cannot stop it. Maybe you're right now in your life putting in a deliberate effort to develop yourself, but did you do that as a young child already? No, you were just playing. You hadn't even heard of a thing called 'personal development' or a thing called 'spiritual growth'. Yet you learned.

And so you're inevitably journeying toward blissful living.

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