My Mission

It is my mission to bring more bliss into your life. If you want to. If you like to hear what I have to say on subjects like happiness, love, spirituality, mindset, wisdom, relationships, creativity, surrender... I find life on Earth truly miraculous. In what kind of reality do we find ourselves? How much of it is ours to create? Can we build a life of overwhelming amounts of happiness and love? I teach a philosophy of new ideas that will bring you joy and relaxation, acceptance and empowered creative living. Life can be awesome and exciting, I wish this for your life. It's a joy to have your here on my website!

My biggest goal in life?

To make the best contribution I can make to the birth of World Peace.

And I'm not just talking about no war between countries anymore. I'm also talking about peace in all individual relationships, peace between mankind and all animals, peace between mankind and the Earth.

How to do that?

Observing myself I noticed that throughout my life my relationships and lifestyle have become more peaceful as I learned in life to be happier without needing anything from the external world for that. Without needing my other people to behave in certain ways. Without needing to eat meat. Without needing someone to love me back.

I observe that people are often not able to really concern themselves with the well-being of others when they are caught up in meeting their own needs. But if I can help them to find that independent happiness within, and thus feel fulfilled in their needs, their circle of concern can naturally expand.

I want to contribute to world peace, by contributing to the happiness of humankind. 

“Often I feel so happy that it makes me cry and laugh at the same time. It makes sense to me that if I can have that, you can have that. And I want to encourage you to not settle for anything less.”

Arial, Founder of Inevitable Bliss

My Background

I grew up in the Netherlands, where I studied Humanistic Studies, a university education that's all about 'How can humans find meaning in this life?' and 'How can we organize society in a just and humane way?' The study combined all of my interests: philopshy, psychology, antropology, sociology, religion and history.

I love humanism, and I love science. My biggest love however has become spirituality. Throughout the years I have practiced different meditation practices, as well as invented my own, practiced yoga, and followed different contemporary spiritual teachers. My favorite teachers are Orin, Bentinho Massaro, Matt Kahn and Jasmuheen.

Current Lifestyle

I have just finished two beautiful years of traveling. With my laptop and recording gear in my backpack, I traveled around the world to visit my favorite spiritual teaches, while shooting video courses and creating this website on the go. Settling down for some months at a time in places like Bali, Koh Phan Gang, and Auroville.

Creating Inevitable Bliss has been and still is a great joy. It gives meaning to my life, direction to my days, and I love that I can contribute to making the lives of many people all over the world more and more blissful, while contributing to a world of peace.

Righ now I'm about to start my final years of study, settling down again in my home country the Netherlands to take the Master's in Care Ethics at the University for Humanistics.