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I would Love to help you:

  • Say No to people

  • Stop People-Pleasing

  • Be Powerfully You

“People pleasing” is acting in ways that are not authentically you in order to please other people.

Do you have difficulty with saying no?


Do you find yourself doing things for others that you actually don’t want to do?

Saying no is saying yes to yourself”

And what if someone is doing something that affects you in a negative way? Do you dare to tell them? Do you ask people to stop when you don’t like what they are doing with you? Do you sometimes lie about your preferences to make life easier for others? Do you hide your emotions to not disturb them?

Some people who become aware of themselves displaying this kind of behavior start calling themselves “people pleasers”. You will not hear me using that term though because I don’t want you to start thinking of yourself as having some fixed people pleasing identity. 

People pleasing is just a behavior, based on a mindset that’s not serving you, and you can totally learn to choose other beliefs and perspectives, and start to make self-empowering choices that honor you, and which will at the same time serve others more too. And that’s exactly what we’re going to do in this lesson!

In this lesson
you will learn:

  • The right mindset that will back up your new self-empowered choices, including:
  • Saying no to others is saying yes to yourself
  • The right perspectives on egoism, laziness, assertiveness, and responsibility
  • A positive self-image
  • To say no to relationships in which no is a wrong answer
  • You will also learn how to change your people pleasing behaviour
  • You will learn to take your time when deciding on whether you want to help someone, how to be strong in your no, and set your boundaries
  • How to make this shift in a gentle and easy way by taking baby steps, talking positive to yourself and using affirmations