07 June

Is Self-Love Egoism?

A student asked me some time ago about the difference between self-love and egoism. And: “How can we love ourselves, without becoming egoistic? In this post, I’ll clear up the …

01 May

Overcoming Addiction with Self-Love

Overcoming addiction with self-love… Is it possible? A student asked me if accepting the body would help him change it? Loving his belly exactly the way it was, made a fear pop up that he might not change if he would accept and love it.

17 March

Self-Love Affirmations

These affirmations will help you to grow more self-love by affirming self-loving thoughts.

If you want to cultivate more self-love, you can do so now by listening to these affirmations and letting your mind being programmed with new, positive thoughts full of love for yourself.

07 March

Self-Love without Egoism?

“Can we love ourselves without becoming egoistic?” Actually, being egoistic in a non-harmful way is good and a self-loving thing to do. And being altruistic is a self-loving thing to do too. Because both will make you happy.