Hey there, wonderful!

Baahhh, something is not working? Mooo!

Let's see what we can do!

Problems with the webinar videos

Video not displaying or functioning at all:

  • Try to reload the page. If you're using windows, press F5. Otherwise, find that little refresh sign, usually located directly left to the web address bar of your browser.
  • If that's not working, you might want to switch to using a different browser, or a different device​. That will most probably solve the problem.
  • Have you installed an Ad Blocker? Pausing that extension might solve the problem.

Choppy/slow video:

  • Try lowering the quality of the video. For this, find the settings icon if you hover your mouse over the video or when tap the video. The lower the quality, the smoother the video will run.
  • Another great option when the video is choppy is to check your internet speed at a website like www.Fast.com. Is your internet slow? Maybe you can speed up your internet connection by shutting down tabs, programs, downloads, and uploads that consume the internet. You can also see if you can switch to a different internet connection. Maybe the one from your phone provider, your neighbors, or even go to a friend who does have quick internet and watch together :). Sitting closer to your WiFi router also helps.

Problems with sound

No sound at all:

  • Check whether both the sound of your device (phone, computer or tablet) are turned on as well as the sound of the video (find the settings icon when you hover your mouse over the video or tap it).  If you are using an external speaker or headset, you probably need to check that as well. Also double check the volume since sound turned on at a volume of 5% might sound like no sound 😉
  • You can try listening with a different headset or speaker box. They sometimes break, you know!
  • Still no sound? Try watching the webinar with a different browser, or on a different device.

Volume too low:

  • Turn up the volume of: 1- The video itself (find the settings icon when you hover your mouse over the video or tap it), 2- Your device, and possibly 3) your headset or speaker.
  • Are they all already at a 100%? Try using a different speaker or headset. When you buy those you can read in the description how much dB they emit. If you often have this problem of finding sounds too soft, you can buy one that emits a high amount of dB. For a headset this can, for example, be 120dB.

Problems with emails & webinar links

You receive the links to the webinars via email. For every webinar I will send a separate email, about half an hour before the webinar airs. If you haven't received anything and the webinar is almost starting, you might just need to be patient. Sometimes there's a large cue and it just takes some more time before my provider will deliver all emails. Other times I might just be late (sorry!).

"I didn't receive your email":

  • If you don't receive ANY emails, sign up again. Maybe you entered your email address incorrectly.
  • If you seem to not be receiving all my emails, please check the spam folder. Every provider is different, but they usually also have other folders you need to check. This can be: socials, promotions, other, etc.
  • Another option is to sign up for the summit again (at www.HomeinMyself.com) but this time with an email address from another provider. So if you were using a Gmail address, try Yandex, Outlook, or Proton. (And if you still don't receive my emails there, you will still need to check the spam folder etc.)

Problems with the chatbox

Chatbox not working at all:

  • Try reloading the page,
  • Try using a different browser
  • Try using a different device
  • switch add blocker off if you have that installed.
  • If the problem remains, please send an email to tech@inevitablebliss.com, preferably with screenshot.

Not being able to message:

  • If you were able to message previously, you might have gotten blocked. Sometimes this happens when you message to often or post spam-like messages. Just wait. After a little while you'll probably be able to message again. Or make a new account.
  • If you have never been able to send messages, try reloading the page, or try using a different browser, different device, or switch add blocker off if you have that installed.
  • If the problem remains, please send an email to tech@inevitablebliss.com, preferably with screenshot.

Setting a name and picture:

  • You can set a picture (option on the left side of the chat box) without needing to register. If you do choose to register (option on the right side of the chat box) you won't have to set your name and picture again at the next webinar you watch.
  • If you can't figure it out, you can also choose to simply type your name at the start of every message you send.



Have you tried the recommended solutions but nothing worked? Or do you have a problem that's not in the list? Please email me at tech@inevitablebliss.com