It's Soothing Sunday!

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Feel at home within yourself by trusting your intuition and following your own inspiration.

  • Enjoy our meditation to connect with your true self, 
  • Use the visualization to align with your inner wisdom, 
  • And discover your ability to intentionally shift your state of being throughout the day with our exercise

We invite you to embrace your higher guidance by exploring the power of this focus in your own personal life.

1. Connecting with your True Self

In this meditation you are invited to release all resistance, harmonize your energies and to return home, deeper within.

By regularly connecting with your inner being, you will experience the power of this alignment, allowing more of your unique divine nature to naturally radiate from you and express all of it's beauty in your personal life.

2. Aligning with Inner Wisdom

Listen to this visualization whenever you desire new inspiration or advice from your wise self.

Find a quiet space to comfortably enjoy your own imagination and take the time to write down some keywords or draw a sketch afterwards, to remember the message you receive.

3. Discovering the Power of Intention

Practice with this exercise to experience the value of consciously shifting your state of being, allowing for more of your preferred reality to naturally unfold in perfect divine timing and synchronicity.

Remind yourself to frequently, before you start a new segment of your day, return your attention within and become aware of your state of being. Then first choose to fully accept this current moment and everything you are experiencing without resistance or judgments.

Now take a few deep breaths in, relax and give yourself permission, to release everything that is not of relevance anymore. Free yourself completely in order to create the inner space for more clarity and alignment.

Then set the intention to trust your higher guidance and consciously appreciate as many aspects of what the next segment of your day will bring you.

When practiced consistently, you will soon notice that this open attitude effectively attracts more to be grateful for, and generates a wonderfully positive momentum in many aspects of your life.

Another variation would be to also verbally express the essence of what you wish to experience next. When you are asking, you will always be answered in some way and guided by your intuition, so choose to stay open and receptive to be able to perceive and enjoy everything that truly wants to come your way.

Event Schedule

Coming Home - Opening Ceremony
with Arial

The Secrets to Lasting Health and Happiness
with Gonzalo Corts

Courageous, Wholehearted Living:
An Inspiration Boost to Start Living Your Soul Purpose (Even if you don't know what it is)
with Luz

Make your Dreams come True
with Mahatma

Shamanic Dearmoring
with Åsa Kullberg

You Are the One You've Been Waiting For
with Danielle Morrow

How to Permanently Reprogram your Subconscious Mind
with Kamil

Be #SoulSmart: Remember your true power and start changing your life - and the world
with Joanna Hennon

The Glory of the Lotus
with Pema Gitama

Staying True to Yourself in a Relationship
with Wilrieke Sophia

Connecting with Your Intuition 
with Irene Langeveld

Discovering The Treasure Of YOU!
with Owlvine

Bold & Authentic Living
with Arial

Soothing Sunday
with Arial, Elie, NikkiGaia & Victor van Rijn, and Aprille Walker

Silent Meditation
with Arial

Open Lotus - Integration Music
with Elie

Embracing Inner Power 
with NikkiGaia and Victor van Rijn

Coming Home: Yin Yoga for Compassion, Self-Love & Self-Care
with Aprille Walker

How To Fall In Love With Yourself
with Naomi Felesita

How to Fully Embody your Soul's Essence
with Karina Ladet

Beauty Inside Out
with Bahar Farshchi and Floris Koot

The Transformational Power of Pain
with Henri Nawrocki

Laughing gives your Inner Power
with Maarten Vos

Home in Myself with channeler Karen Neumann & Theos
with Karen Neumann

The 7 Chakras and the 7 Dharmas -
How to Identify Your Purposes in Life
with Giridhari Das

How Psilocybin Helped Me Love My Most Unlovable Parts
with James W. Jesso

Meditation for Happiness, Stress Relief, and More
with Rasa Lukosiute

You as the Center of your Love Life
with Agnes Krown

Journaling your Way into your Heart
with Arial

Staying at Home - Closing Ceremony
with Arial

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